SMCS team visits Tabba Heart Institute to strengthen industry-academia linkages

August 30, 2022: The SMCS team including, Dr. Tariq Mehmood, Professor and Program Coordinator, MS Computer Science (CS) and MS Data Science (DS); Ibrahim Abdul Rab, MS DS student; and Assistant Manager, SMCS, Farah Habib; visited Tabba Heart Institute (THI) for the final presentation of a project under the IBA-THI academic-industry linkage. Mr. Rab designed and built three predictive models for THI, namely, Length of Stay prediction (LoS) of inpatients, Intra-operative mortality prediction and Pre-operative mortality prediction. A novel feature selection algorithm was invented and applied in this process along with several non-frequentist stochastic approaches. LoS prediction was done in two stages, and PhD scholar, Nafeesa Murad and MS student, Maria Baloch worked on the first stage LoS prediction. The THI team including, Dr. Asad, Dr. Sana, Dr. Saba, and Dr. Ghazal, approved and clinically validated the results of all three models. These models would now be tested in real-life environments for further validation.