About the PhD Computer Science

The CS department of the Institute of Business Administration is offering graduate studies leading to PhD degree in Computer Science with a variety of specializations including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Management Information Systems (MIS), among others.

The CS PhD program aims at encouraging those graduate scholars who can make a significant contribution to their field through original research. The various stages in the program are meant to ensure a thorough knowledge of their broader discipline. Quantitative and qualitative research capabilities are encouraged and interdisciplinary research along with interaction with the local industry is considered very positively.

The CS PhD program motivates independence and originality of thought in the research process. The PhD program at IBA expects that not only will graduates display excellence in their field of research but that the discipline, research and professional competences they develop from their program will be very highly regarded by national and international employers. To achieve this, scholars are expected to immerse themselves in research in order to develop a strong and vibrant research culture at the institute.