Full Time Faculty

Dr. Shahid Hussain Dr. Shahid Hussain Assistant Professor | Chairperson Computer Science Department
Email shahidhussain@iba.edu.pk Email 111422422 (Ext.3044)
Dr. Sajjad Haider Dr. Sajjad Haider Professor
Email sahaider@iba.edu.pk Email 111422422 (Ext.1612)
Dr. Sayeed Ghani Dr. Sayeed Ghani Professor
Email sghani@iba.edu.pk Email 111422422 (Ext.1600)
Dr. Shakeel Ahmed Khoja Dr. Shakeel Khoja Professor | Dean School of Mathematics
and Computer Science
Email skhoja@iba.edu.pk Email 111422422 (Ext.1604)
Dr. Tariq Mahmood Dr. Tariq Mahmood Professor
Email tmahmood@iba.edu.pk Email 111422422 (Ext.1606)
Dr. Tahir Syed Dr. Imran Khan Assistant Professor
Email ikhan@iba.edu.pk Email 111422422 (Ext.1617)
Dr. Imran Rauf Dr. Imran Rauf Assistant Professor | Program Coordinator
Email irauf@iba.edu.pk Email 111422422 (Ext.1645)
Jawwad Ahmed Farid Jawwad Ahmed Farid Professor of Practice
Email jfarid@iba.edu.pk Email 111422422 (Ext. 2624)
Dr. Jibran Rashid Dr. Jibran Rashid Assistant Professor
Email jrashid@iba.edu.pk Email
Dr. Mohammad Shoaib Jamall Dr. Mohammad Shoaib Jamall Assistant Professor
Email msjamall@iba.edu.pk Email 111422422 (Ext.2687)
Muhammad Waseem Arain Muhammad Waseem Arain Assistant Professor
Email warain@iba.edu.pk Email 111422422 (Ext.1608)
Dr. Quratulain Nizamuddin Rajput Dr. Quratulain Nizamuddin Rajput Assistant Professor
Email qrajput@iba.edu.pk Email 111422422 (Ext.1607)
Engr. Dr. Syed Irfan Nabi Engr. Dr. Syed Irfan Nabi Assistant Professor
Email syedirfannabi@gmail.com Email 111422422 (Ext.2655)
Dr. S.M. Faisal Iradat Dr. S.M. Faisal Iradat Assistant Professor
Email firadat@iba.edu.pk Email 111422422 (Ext.1633)
Dr. Tahir Syed Dr. Tahir Syed Assistant Professor
Email tqsyed@iba.edu.pk Email 111422422 (Ext.1614)
Dr. Umair Azfar Khan Dr. Umair Azfar Khan Assistant Professor
Email uakhan@iba.edu.pk Email
Dr. Zaheeruddin Asif Dr. Zaheeruddin Asif Assistant Professor
Email zasif@iba.edu.pk Email 111422422
Dr. Syed Ali Raza Dr. Syed Ali Raza Assistant Professor
Email saliraza@iba.edu.pk Email 111422422
Ms. Zarmeen Naseem Ms. Zarmeen Naseem Lecturer
Email znasim@iba.edu.pk Email N/A
Anwar ul Haque Anwar ul Haque Lecturer
Email ahaque@iba.edu.pk Email N/A
Maria Rahim Dr. Salman Zafar Assistant Professor
Email szaffar@iba.edu.pk Email 111422422 (Ext.)
Behraj Khan Behraj Khan Lecturer
Email behrajkhan@iba.edu.pk Email 111422422 (Ext.2690)
Muhammad Zain Uddin Muhammad Zain Uddin Lecturer
Email zuddin@iba.edu.pk Email 111422422 (Ext.3105)
Usman Ali Usman Ali Lecturer
Email uali@iba.edu.pk Email 111422422 (Ext.)
Maria Rahim Maria Rahim Khowaja Lecturer
Email mrkhowaja@iba.edu.pk Email 111422422 (Ext.)
Maria Rahim Abeera Tariq Lecturer
Email abeeratariq@iba.edu.pk Email 111422422 (Ext.3098)
Maria Rahim Tasbiha Fatima Lecturer
Email tfatima@iba.edu.pk Email 111422422 (Ext.3097)
Maria Rahim Asma Touqir Lab Engineer
Email atouqir@iba.edu.pk Email 111422422 (Ext.2136)
Maria Rahim Mehwish Zafar Lab Engineer
Email mzafar@iba.edu.pk Email 111422422 (Ext.2137)