About the BS Computer Science

Bachelor of Science (BS) Computer Science program is a 4-year degree program that includes courses from theoretical Computer Science, Technology, Social Sciences and Liberal Arts, and other areas. The aim is to educate students to become skilled professionals with problem-solving capability in Computer Science (CS) and allied areas. It also prepares students for research and development roles. It comprises of a total of 129 units, which are divided into university core, CS core, CS elective, non-specialization core, and non-specialization elective with 12, 63, 18, 24, and 12 units respectively. The non-specialization courses and electives are from supporting disciplines of Mathematics, Physics and Communication. The program's core courses and general electives are from supporting disciplines of Mathematics, Physics, and Communication, Accounting, Economics, Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Management, and Social Sciences and Liberal Arts. A wide range of core and elective courses is engineered to provide the students with enough flexibility to choose a professional career path of their interest.

CS graduates have successfully developed their careers with entrepreneurial start-ups of their own as well as getting placed in good software houses, ICT companies, financial institutions, business solution providers and multinational companies.