IBA Karachi (SMCS) in collaboration with Google Developer Groups - GDG Kolachi hosted the DevFest Karachi 2022

December 24, 2022: IBA Karachi (SMCS) partnered with Google Developer Groups - GDG Kolachi and organized 'DevFest Karachi 2022', an action-packed event where tech enthusiasts and practitioners came together to learn and connect as a community exploring how to use Google technologies to accelerate economic impact.

Dr. Shakeel Khoja, Dean SMCS delivered the opening remarks, and addressed the participants on 'Design Thinking'.

The keynote address was delivered by Ms. Jehan Ara, Founder and CEO, Katalyst Labs on 'Landscape of the startup & tech ecosystem in Pakistan'.

DevFest Karachi 2022 featured numerous tracks on AI/ML, Mobile Track, Cloud Workshop Track, Web Workshop Track, along with bootcamps on Machine Learning, JETPACK Compose for Android, and sessions on 'How to become the next machine learning Google Developer Expert', and an exclusive workshop for IBA students on 'Imaginary meeting of a Project discussion'.

A community lounge was held which featured free focused group mentorship sessions for the participants.