Flutter Flash - THE BIGGEST FLUTTER CONFERENCE OF ALL TIME! September 24-25, 2022

The Google Developer Student Clubs of the Institute of Business Administration and GDG Kolachi partnered to host the globally recognized event, Flutter Flash. Mr. Waleed Arshad, the IBA School of Mathematics and Computer Science's visiting faculty, led the event.

The first day was packed with back-to-back speaker sessions offering key insights on app development using Flutter technologies and lessons by multiple industry professionals leading the Flutter community, including Waleed Arshad, Qaim Hassan, Muhammad Hamza, Usama Qareem, and Burhan Khanzada. Muhammad Salman.

The second day featured a Flutter Hackathon for 64 shortlisted candidates, consisting of three rounds of fast-paced coding, assessed by Flutter experts Taha Ali, Sakina Abbas, and Rao Noman, invited as guest judges for the competition.

Overall, Flutter Flash has gained massive success in all aspects, and there is no doubt that these two days of Flutter-filled conferences, hackathons, and speaker sessions were a certified hit