Experts from Tabba Heart Institute visit to IBA, SMCS

March 4th, 2022: A team comprising of clinical specialists from Tabba Heart Institute (THI) visited IBA for a progress presentation of a collaborative research project with SMCS, IBA Karachi. The project is related to prediction of mortality for cardiac inpatients. The SMCS team included Dr. Tariq Mahmood and MSDS student Mr. Ibrahim Abdurrab while the THI team included Dr. Sana, Dr. Saba and Dr. Ghazala. After a rigorous effort, the SMCS team has created two predictive models for predicting two different types of mortality. During the presentation, the THI team endorsed the results (which were generated on pre-provided THI data) and particularly the clinical attributes that were identified as most relevant for this prediction. THI has agreed to test the models on live data for a period of two to three months. Through a successful validation, THI would be able to generate accurate mortality predictions of different types for their cardiac patient surgeries.

This is a first step in a series of more upcoming projects taken up by IBA and THI that could potentially digitalize the healthcare industry of Pakistan. Mr. Usama Qadeer (Sr. Executive External Linkages-SMCS) and Ms. Farah Habib (Assistant Manager-SMCS) were also present during the meeting.