SMCS organized guest lectures on 'Blockchain and Smart Contracts' and 'Role and Growth of IT' by Professor Paolo Bottoni

January 24-25, 2023: School of Mathematics and Computer Science (SMCS), IBA Karachi invited Professor Bottoni, Full Professor of Computer Science at the Sapienza Università di Roma, to deliver guest lectures on 'Blockchain and Smart Contracts' for the IBA and other HEI students. The talk discussed a new model of contract, amenable to formal verification and supporting a correct by-construction realization of the contract. The audience gained insight into formal methods for defining and verifying contracts.

After the session, Professor Bottoni engaged with the SMCS faculty. He shared the Computer Science Program structure at Sapienza Universia di Roma and their recent initiative related to Research Projects and Exchange Programs. Professor Bottoni also said that he is looking forward to establishing linkages with IBA Karachi regarding joint Research Projects in the coming months.

On the second day, Professor Bottoni delivered a talk on 'Role and Growth of IT' to the industry representatives of various organizations, including System Limited, Meezan Group, Folio3, Cloud Junction Advisors Inc., Tintash, Sasta ticket & HOM Group, Social Champ, Inc and Habib Bank Limited and the IBA faculty. The session illustrated both established and innovative technologies relevant to economic actors and introduced relevant (semi-)formal models. In particular, the audience gained an appreciation for the need for controlling processes impacted by technologies through rigorous modelling of the processes in which they are introduced.