Fee Structure:

Below is the fee structure for MS-DS program which is subject to approval from IBA BoG:

Description MS Data Science  
No. of Courses 3
Admission Charges 25,000 One time
Transcript Fee 2,500  One time
Tuition Fee 90,750  Per Semester - for standard three course load
ID Card Fee 1,000  One time
Student Activity Charges 4,500  Per Semester
Lab Cum Library Charges 4,500  Per Semester
Examination Charges 1,500  Per Semester
Development Charges 2,000  Per Semester
Withholding tax -    5% on total fee if fee is more than Rs.200,000 in an year (Ref ITO 236I)
  131,750 Total fees in the first semester based on 3 courses

Note: Additional course fees is PKR 30,250/-