1. What is the objective of MS Data Science program?

The field of Data Science lies at the intersection of machine learning, statistics and big data analytics. The MS-Data Science program by FCS, IBA prepares students to extract valuable insights from data. The program is designed for students who want to begin or advance their careers in data science. It offers strong preparation in statistical modeling, machine learning, management of massive data sets, data visualization, software engineering and data ethics.

2. What are the career prospects for MS-Data Science degree holders?

It is expected that MS-Data Science graduates from IBA would not only be hired by the software industry but they would also be well-placed in many service sectors including but not limited to financial institutions, telecommunication organizations, healthcare providers and multi-nationals.

3. What is the duration of MS-Data Science program?

The program duration is 2 years. Students with non-technical background need to spend an additional semester to cover the deficiency courses in computer science.

4. Is IBA's MS-Data Science degree equivalent to an M.Phil degree?

The queries regarding equivalency of MS program to MPhil, should be directed to HEC.

5. Is there financial assistance available?

The program does not provide any financial waiver. However, there will be limited number of teaching/research assistantships available.

6. How does the MS-Data Science program differ from MS-Computer Science program?

Computer Science is the study of the theory and practice of how computers work which includes topics such as operating systems, networking, security, algorithms, computer architecture, and human-computer-interaction. Data science is an interdisciplinary field involving computer science and statistics that focuses on mathematical and algorithmic tools to analyze and find patterns in large amounts of data,

7. I do not have a Computer Science degree. Can I apply for the program?

Yes! Students without Computer Science background can apply for the program. However, such students have to take additional courses which require them to spend an extra semester.

8. Is there a minimum eligibility criterion for the program?

A minimum 16 years of education in the relevant subject of Science (such as Computer Science, Statistics, Economics, Mathematics, Accounts & Finance, Physics, etc.) and Engineering (Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, etc.) with a minimum CGPA of 2.5 out of 4 (in a semester-based system), or 60% marks (in annual system) in their last degree. Minimum 600 scores in GMAT / 160 in Quantitative & 150 in the Verbal section of GRE required for test exemption.

9. I do not have any industry experience. Can I apply for the program?

Yes! Admission in MS-Data Science does not require any prior industry experience.

10. When will the admission test for MS-Data Science take place?

The test for msds will take place on Sunday 6th December

11. When will the classes for MS-Data Science start?

The classes will start on Friday 22nd January.

12. Where will the classes for MS Data Science take place?

Mostly the classes for MS-Data Science program will take place at the Main Campus of IBA.

13. Is MSDS being offered in morning or evening?

The core and foundation courses of the MSDS are expected to be offered during the morning of weekdays. However, many electives that are taught by the visiting faculty members are offered in the evening or during the weekend.

14. Is MSDS being offered in weekdays or weekend?

The core and foundation courses of the MSDS are expected to be offered during the morning of weekdays. However, many electives which are taught by the visiting faculty members are offered in the evening or during the weekend.

15. Can an IBA MSCS student apply for MSDS and get the credit hours transferred?

An MSCS student can apply for MSDS program and if he/she qualifies for this program, then he/she can transfer from MSCS to MSDS and get the credit hours transferred too.

16. What will be the timings for the program?

Schedule and class timings for MSDS program will be uploaded on website in the first week of January.

17. Are full-time employees eligible for this program and how will they manage their jobs with this program?

Full-time employees are eligible for this program. Most of the elective courses are offered in the evening. However, for the core courses, they may have to adjust their work schedule as many of the classes would be conducted in the morning.

18. What is the maximum duration in which this Masters can be completed?

The maximum duration to complete this Masters is 4 years.

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