About the MS Data Science Program

The field of Data Science lies at the intersection of machine learning, statistics and big data analytics. The MS (Data Science) program by FCS, IBA prepares students to extract valuable insights from data. The program is designed for students who want to begin or advance their careers in data science. It offers strong preparation in statistical modeling, machine learning, management of massive data sets, data visualization, software engineering and data ethics.The program targets both CS and other related STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) students and prepares them to apply the knowledge of data science to a wide range of domains. Non-CS/SE/IT students are required to take foundation level courses in Algorithms, Data Management and Application Development. These courses would prepare them to take the core and more advanced level Data Science courses along with students having a background in CS, IT or SE. The core courses strengthen students understanding of the mathematics behind machine learning and statistical modeling and the theoretical and practical know-how of dealing with big data. Students can take a range of electives including but not limited to deep learning, text analytics, computer vision, business intelligence, probabilistic reasoning, information retrieval and social network analysis. The potential of this program in terms of imparting useful advanced computing skills and professional growth is measured by the readiness of the job market and advanced learning schools in absorbing graduates. The curriculum design ensures that the graduates can creatively find technology-based solutions, think critically and analyze systems and emerging problems independently.

The MS(Data Science) program has two basic categories: MS with thesis and MS without thesis. For those students who opt for thesis, 24 credit hours of course work and 6 credit hours of thesis work are required. For students opting for course work only, 27 credit hours of course work along with 3 credit hours of project is required. The project/thesis must be taken after students have completed 18 credits and must be supervised by an approved faculty member. MS- DataScience is being offered in morning. Date of Commencement: Classes of this MS (Data Science) are planned to commence at the Main campus of IBA from Fall 2020. The admission process will begin in June 2020.