Welcome to FCS

That the future of business is technology should come as no surprise for us. We have seen an exponential rise in amalgamation of business and technology in recent years. The boundaries between IT and business strategy are blurring day by day – IT has become the backbone of any competitive strategy. Newer social applications are changing the very concepts of value creation and consumption. Mobile marketing, computational finance, virtual manufacturing, intelligent supply chains and virtual communities of practice are just some examples of this trend.

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Message from the Associate Dean

The Faculty of Computer Science at IBA is one of two Faculties at the IBA and comprises of the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Mathematical Sciences. Each of these departments offer several degree programs at undergraduate, graduate and post graduate levels. The departments are chaired by Chairpersons who ensure that the curriculum is kept up to date and taught by some of the finest faculty available in the country. Each of the departments also have Program Directors who take care of the day to day operational issues faced by the program office and ensure that the students continue to have a fulfilling experience while at IBA.

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