Q. When does the admission process start in the IBA?
Admissions at Faculty of Computer Science are offered for Fall in an academic year which starts in May & June. Also admissions for IBA's BBA and MBA programs are offered in Fall session as well .

Q. Does the IBA allow the students to apply for admission whose final result has not been announced?
IBA allows the students to apply for admission whose final results have not been announced subject to the condition that they have no deficiency in the previous years of their academic career. The admission may be conditional pending submission of the required results.

Q. How many times a year does the IBA offer admissions?
Faculty of Computer Science at IBA offers admissions once a year, in Fall session. The programs include BS (Computer Science), MS (Computer Science) and PhD. Admissions of IBA's BBA and MBA programs are held in the fall session

Q. Is the IBA aptitude test compulsory for every student seeking admission in IBA?
If you have a SAT I scores exceeding 1900 / GMAT scores exceeding 600, then you are exempted from the IBA undergraduate / graduate admissions test respectively, however you have to pay the testing fee and obtain the admit card and you have to go through the group discussion and interview process.

Q. Where does the IBA conduct aptitude tests and interviews?
For Fall session, IBA conducts aptitude tests at Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar and Quetta. Interviews are only conducted in Karachi and Lahore.

Q. At which locations are the IBA aptitude tests conducted in Pakistan?
For Fall session, the locations at which IBA aptitude tests conducted are Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta and Peshawar.

Q. Does IBA mail prospectus/forms to the students at their home address?
As per policy IBA does not send prospectus to the students at their mailing addresses. Application material is all available online on the IBA website.

Q. Does the IBA provide any reading materials or previous model papers to the prospective students for making preparation for IBA aptitude tests?
The IBA does not have a set pattern of aptitude tests, and as per IBA policy no model paper is provided to prospective students. The questions asked in the aptitude tests in general are based on following subjects:
For Undergraduate Programs
For MS Computer Science Programs
Specialized Discipline Test (Scores of Specialized Discipline Test are used to assess students' background knowledge of Computer Science and are not used for creating merit lists).

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Degree Program

Q. Does the IBA FCS offer undergraduate programs? If yes what are they?
IBA FCS offers the following undergraduate degree programs:
BS (Computer Science)
BS (Software Engineering)
BS (Information Technology)
Student in BBA program in their third year are required to select from one of several concentration areas including Marketing, Finance and Management Information Systems.

Q. What is the duration of these Undergraduate Programs?
The duration of all undergraduate programs is 4 years.

Q. What is the duration of the MS / MBA(MIS) Program?
Duration for MS program in Evening is 2-3 years, depending upon the number of courses, the student is taking. There are two different durations for the MBA(MIS) Programs:
2 years for the Morning Programs
3.5 + years for the Evening Programs

Q. Does the IBA FCS offer any Executive Programs?
The IBA offers following program for executives and part time students:
MS, MBA(MIS), Morninig & Evening programs
Certificate Courses
Summer Courses
Specialized courses conducted by the Center for Executive Education (CEE) and Center for Educational Robotics

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Eligibility, Credit Transfer & Exemptions

Q. What are the minimum academic requirements (Eligibility) for IBA admissions?
Following are the minimum requirements for IBA admissions:

Undergraduate Programs

For BBA Program
Intermediate (minimum 65% marks)
Or, 'A' Levels (minimum of two 'B's and one 'C')
Grades of General and AS level courses will not be accepted

For BS Program
60% marks in Intermediate (Pre-Engineering)
Or, 60% marks in Intermediate General Group with Mathematics
Or, 1B and 2Cs in A-Level (with Mathematics)
Grades of General and AS level courses will not be accepted

Graduate Programs - (MS, MBA, MBA-Evening)
For MS, the student must have a bachelor's degree (with a minimum of 60%) from recognized university in related area of study

For MBA, the student must have a bachelor's degree (with a minimum of 60%) from recognized university in related area of study
Minimum 2.5 out of 4.0 GPA
16 years of education is required
2 years experience for MBA preferred
The IBA also accepts holders of professional degrees (B.E., M.B.B.S., etc)

Degree (In relevant subject)
M.Phil. or M.S.
18 years of education
Minimum 3.0 out of 4.0 GPA
Teaching Assistance
-Ph.D. students shall be required to either teach undergraduate level courses for which a monthly stipend shall be given.
- Ph.D. students will be entitled to full waiver of tuition fee for the entire program

Q. I have completed my MSc in Physics and Applied Sciences. Am I eligible for admission in MS Computer Science Program?
All the M.Sc. (related subjects) and B.E. are eligible for admission, but have to complete the deficiency of computer science courses. These deficiencies will be identified on case to case basis and will be told to the student during the interviews.

Q. Are Credits transferable?
There is a limited provision for transfer of credits only from the top 50 Internationally ranked universities and from LUMS.For MS students, the transfers are allowed on case basis only.

Q. Does the IBA allow exemptions to the students who possess other equivalent degrees?
No. See credit transfer policy for further information.

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Fee Concessions, Scholarships & Fee Structure

Q. Does the IBA offer any concession in fees to students?
IBA does offer concessions in fees in some programs generally to those students who are among the top 10% of the IBA merit list. The IBA merit list is based on the applicant's position in the IBA admission test at the time of admission. The concessional fee structure is applied to such students (See Fee Structure). In addition needy students are also allowed to pay their fees/dues in installment. For further information you may please contact any of the Program Offices.

Q. Does Faculty of Computer Science has any dedicated scholarships and concession in fees for its students?
IBA offer scholarships and fee concessions on need-cum-merit base and works on a centralized policy of giving scholarships to students.

Q. What is the basis of IBA Scholarships?
The IBA offers Scholarships on need-cum-merit basis. For further information you may please contact our Program Office.

Q. What is the fee structure at IBA?
See Fee Structure

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Q. Are any institutes affiliated with IBA?
IBA has terminated all affiliations with effect from January, 2005 for new students. Generally the students enrolled with such affiliates prior to January 2005 and still in education will not be affected by this decision.

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Summer Session

Q.When does the Summer Semester begin at IBA and what is its duration?
The Summer Semester usually begins around the last week of May. The duration is usually six weeks, and ends around mid August. Classes of each course are held thrice a week on alternate days in the evenings.

Q.How many courses are offered by IBA in the Summer Semester?
The number of courses offered by IBA in the summer semester varies from year to year.

Q.How many courses can IBA students take in the summer semester?
An undergraduate student in general can take two courses in summer semester, whereas a MS student can take one course. However if the student is on internship then he is entitled to take one course only.

Q.Which courses are offered in the Summer Semester?
The course offering is subject to the number of students who register in a particular course. Registration usually begins a few weeks before the start of the summer semester.

Q.Who can take admission in the Summer Semester, and how does one apply?
Regular as well as visiting students can take admission. To apply students must come in person to the city campus, and visit the Evening Program Office between 3:00 to 7:00 pm. Details of the offerings are generally advertised in the Daily DAWN/JANG and IBA website, starting in April onwards. Students studying in foreign universities can also take courses in the Summer Semester to earn advance credits in their universities. Such students are required to provide a recommendation letter from their university.

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International Students & Non-Resident Pakistanis

Q.How can foreign students take admission in the Summer Semester?
It would be necessary for the students to bring a letter of recommendation from the University where they are studying indicating therein that they are willing to do summer course at IBA.

A limited number of seats are available for foreign students and non-resident Pakistanis with SAT I scores exceeding 1900 and GMAT scores exceeding 600. Such candidates may be exempted from the IBA undergraduate and graduate admissions test respectively, however they have to go through the group discussion and interview process.

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