Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)

Required Courses

Section Knowledge Area Credit Hours
A Core Courses 62
B Supporting Sciences 21
C General Education 15
D Computer Science Electives 21
E General Electives 18
Total 137
Please note that these are minimum credit requirements. Further credit requirements may be added in due course of the program.

A. Core Courses

Course Title Course Code Total Credit Hours
Introduction to Programming CSE141 4
Object Oriented Programming Techniques CSE142 4
Introduction to Computing CSE145 4
Digital Logic Design (DL and Computer Arch) CSE241 4
Data Communications and Networking CSE243 4
Data Structures and Algorithms CSE246 4
Design & Analysis of Algorithms CSE287 3
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence CSE307 3
Theory of Automata CSE309 3
Software Engineering (Introduction to Software Development) CSE312 3
System Programming CSE315 3
Numerical and Symbolic Computation CSE316 3
Database Systems CSE341 4
Operating Systems CSE342 4
Computer Architecture and Assembly Language CSE345 3
Computer Science Project (I & II) CSE491 & 492 6
Logic and Discrete Structures MTS 201 3

B. Supporting Science

Course Title Course Code Total Credit Hours
Calculus-I (Calculus and Analytical Geometry) MTS101 3
Introduction to Statistics (Probability and Statistics) MTS102 3
Linear Algebra MTS203 3
Calculus-II (Multivariate Calculus) MTS232 3
Differential Equations MTS401 3
Physics - I (Electromagnetism) SCI105 3
Physics - II (Mechanics) SCI205 3

C. General Education

Course Title Course Code Total Credit Hours
Business Communication MGT211 3
Technical Report Writing MIS202 3
Audit, Ethics & IS Issues MIS454 3
English Composition SSC101 3
One course from Group I SSC 3

Group I Courses

Course Title Course Code Total Credit Hours
International Relations HUM131 3
Pakistan's History SSC151 3
General History SSC152 3
English Literature SSC112 3

D. Computer Science Electives

Course Title Course Code Total Credit Hours
Object Oriented Design and Implementation CSE311 3
Compiler Design CSE344 4
Microprocessor Interfacing CSE448 4
Introduction to Game Programming and Robotics CSE460 3
Software Project and Quality Management MIS305 3
Datawarehousing MIS343 4
Social Computing MIS406 3
E-Commerce MIS456 3
Enterprise Resource Planning MIS458 3
Customer Relationship Management MIS459 3
SAP ABAP Programming-I MIS541 4
SAP ABAP Programming-II MIS542 4
Logistic and Supply Chain Management MIS550 3

E. General Electives

Course Title Course Code Total Credit Hours
Principles of Accounting I ACC111 3
Principles of Microeconomics ECO103 3
Principles of Macroeconomics ECO113 3
Introduction to Business Finance FIN201 3
Principles of Management MGT201 3
Principles of Marketing MKT201 3
Social Psychology and Self Development SSC103 3
Foreign Language (French, German, etc.) SSC 3
Recommended Courses (not limited to the list above)