Welcome to FCS

That the future of business is technology should come as no surprise for us. We have seen an exponential rise in amalgamation of business and technology in recent years. The boundaries between IT and business strategy are blurring day by day – IT has become the backbone of any competitive strategy. Newer social applications are changing the very concepts of value creation and consumption. Mobile marketing, computational finance, virtual manufacturing, intelligent supply chains and virtual communities of practice are just some examples of this trend. Most of the organizational structures of the future will be global, networked, agile and ephemeral, with IT being the key driver of change and momentum.

For today's students it is essential not only to be able to master and predict these trends, but to be innovators and trend setters themselves. The BS program at IBA is uniquely poised to provide students with an in depth knowledge of computer science theoretical foundations as well as an understanding of current and emerging technologies, against a backdrop of business studies and applications. The constant and healthy interaction between BS and BBA students enables both groups to learn from each other and develop a broader perspective as well as enhanced collaboration skills. The BS curriculum has been designed after careful consideration of local contexts as well as global practices embedded in ACM/IEEE model curricula.

Our MS and PhD programs benefit from the expertise of our faculty as well as that available in the industry through our visiting faculty program. Research is an integral part not just of the PhD course work, but also of MIS curriculum. Many of our MS and PhD students have several publications to their name in leading national and international journals and conferences. The research output from the students and faculty continue to rise at FCS, IBA. With world class faculty at hand, IBA's CS program has already achieved the highest rating available in Pakistan and is aiming to compete with the world's best universities in the coming years. We look forward to welcoming you at Faculty of Computer Science, IBA.

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