Tech Session on Ethical Hacking

On the 16th of November, members of our Computer Science Society organized a highly informative on Ethical Hacking. The session was conducted by Mr. Rafay Baloch and his team.

Mr. Rafay Baloch, one of the finest youngsters whose work is not only appreciated in Pakistan but also worldwide, became the first ever Pakistani to detect security issues on PayPal. He gained fame for participating in the Paypal Bug Bounty program and discovered Command Execution, Information Disclosure and several other high risk vulnerabilities on Paypal and other high profile websites such as Google, Yahoo, Adobe, Twitter, and Facebook.

In the seminar held at IBA main campus, Rafay presented his views on how we have made ourselves vulnerable to viruses and given a clear way for the intruders to access our information illegally. He believes one has to learn the art of 'ethical' hacking in order to protect oneself against cyber crimes. He focused on Error based SQL injection and the use of cookies in hacking.

The seminar proved to be a good eye-opener for the students as it added much to their knowledge bank of how hackers disguise themselves. The seminar room was packed throughout the two hour session and ended with a Q/A session.