Process Hackathon 2018

IEEE IBA and IEEE UoK student branches collaborated for the first time to conduct "Process Hackathon" hosted at IBA Main Campus from 27th March to 29th March. The event comprised of 8 teams of 5 members each. There were 3 IEEE members while 37 Non-IEEE members. Each team member was given a specific role which included:

Scrum Master: plays project manager role in the team
Product Owner: plays business analyst role in the team
Integration Developer: setting up continuous integration environment
Developer: creating a functional prototype
Tester: testing the created prototype based on the requirements laid out

The aim of this hackathon was to introduce Agile Scrum Development procedures as well as leading edge products of IT industry such as Salesforce, BitBucket and Heroku to the participants and then make them implement the techniques and tools in the products they built throughout the 3 day event. Mr. Suhaib Qaiser, a certified Agile Scrum Master and Salesforce Platform developer, and also the brains behind the hackathon, conducted workshops throughout the event relating to these technologies. The product to be built was kept open-ended however they were to follow the given practices of agile, scrum and use the tools introduced to them.

The participants were judged not only on the creativity of their ideas but also on the functionality of the prototype and the "Process" followed during the development. The winner of the event was team "Peach Blossom" from IBA and were awarded Rs.30,000/ while the runner up was team "Baba Tech" from UoK. The Process Hackathon ended with speakers sharing their sublime knowledge which included Mr. Mir Salman Ali giving precious opinions about believing in and implementing our ideas and earning from them. He also highlighted the importance of CPEC and its advantages towards the IT field.

Process Hackathon was sponsored by AxGuru and Mantrust Systems.

According to the participants, Process Hackathon was one of a kind, where they not only got to learn new technologies but also got a hands on implementation of it. They commented that they will be looking forward to further such events in the future.

The hackathon was also mentioned in the official IEEE Region 10 magazine linked below.

Further details regarding IEEE IBA Student Branch and Process Hackathon can be found on: www.ieeeiba.com