IBA-Karachi signed an MOU with the ISCTE - IUL

The Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi signed an MOU with the University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE - IUL) for an Academic Exchange between the two institutes. The institutes agreed to establish a student exchange program for education and cultural enrichment of both institutes.

The agreement will allow faculty members and up to two students and to be exchanged. The following procedure will be followed by both the universities for the selection:
• A coordinator will be appointed for the progress and the conduct of the program.
• The students for exchange program will be selected from those who have completed at least one year of studies in the home university.
• Moreover, the students should have language proficiency and excellent performance record.

The agreement with University Institute of Lisbon will enable the students to overcome the cultural barrier and to interact on a business and professional level. Not only the students but the staff and faculty members will also benefit from the agreement. Moreover this will provide students an opportunity to develop business and technological skills and provide faculty with world-class training and professional development opportunities.

The partnership with ISCTE – IUL will establish a mutual scholastic understanding which aims to provide educational and cultural enrichment of both universities.