Karachi Chotu Ranked 3rd in RoboCup IranOpen 2014

''Karachi Chotu' participated in the International RoboCup IranOpen 2014 held in Tehran, Iran from 7th - 11th April 2014. The team qualified in the RoboCup@Home league which aims to develop service and assistive robot technology to promote Social Robotics. The focus lies in the research areas of Computer Vision, Navigation, Object Recognition/Manipulation and many others.

Team Karachi Chotu has been working on TurtleBot and ROS (Robot Operating System) as their Final Year Project at IBA - FCS. Out of 11 teams, only 5 teams qualified for the @Home league of the competition. It is the first team to represent Pakistan in an International RoboCup @Home competition.

Karachi Chotu secured Third Position in the competition. The performance of the team was appreciated by the other teams and Organizing Committee of IranOpen. The team also collaborated with an Iranian University in one of the challenges.

The Team: Dr. Sajjad Haider(Supervisor), Imran Hemani, Safeer e Hussain and Nabeel Rajput.