Freshmen Midterm Preparation Workshop

The Freshmen Midterm Preparation Workshop held on 16th - 17th October 2018 was designed to help 1st year students with their Programming 101 (ITP) examination.

The purpose for conducting this workshop was twofold. The primary being to help prepare Freshmen for their first programming midterm at IBA by enabling them to solve '6 Programming Problems in 60 minutes' while at the same time introducing the IEEE IBA student branch, its aims and objectives to them.

The workshop proved to be a great success with a huge turnout. So much so that another session was organized the following day. The sessions were conducted by Syed Mohammad Sualeh Ali, Hassan Saeed, Azka Farooqui and Rehan Ahmed. All of them being either IEEEIBA core committee members or senior students with prior experience in teaching and mentoring students.

Focus was given on ensuring that students had a sound understanding of the fundamentals of programming, the ability to solve problems in a logical and cohesive manner thus enabling them to formulate well thought out algorithms and finally to be able to program without experiencing any significant hurdles.

IEEEIBA is immensely pleased on the successful execution of the workshop as well as the overwhelming response it received from the new batch. The branch intends to continue organizing similar workshops and events in the future and hopes that it would be able to positively impact the computer science students as well as the larger IBA community.

Further details regarding IEEEIBA Student Branch can be found at: www.ieeeiba.com