IBA ProBattle 2014

After the success of ProBattle 2013 with a total of 7 events, the IBA Computer Science Society decided to further broaden the scope of the event and added 6 more competitions to ProBattle 2014. The prize money was also increased to an overwhelming amount of PKR 350,000 from a mere PKR 50,000 last year. This time around, ProBattle attracted 600 participants from different schools, colleges and universities from Karachi as well as other cities of Pakistan. The aim of ProBattle was not only limited to motivating and encouraging the young minds to test their potential but also to provide them with an exposure of the job market and of the competition that lies there.

The competitions in ProBattle 2014 had a variety of technical, creative and gaming competitions. These competitions included:

  • Speed Programming (SP) – students (in teams of 2 or 3) were required to complete a task list in a given amount of time and were privileged to choose any programming environment for use in making the sample output provided. Two rounds were conducted from which a selected group of teams advanced to the final round. A total of 5 different software were used, including the scorecard PC^2.

  • Lego Robot Wrestling – this contest was held at the IBA Student's Centre, where in each round, two Lego robots moved according todirected motion based on sensors. The robots were programmed to push or flip each other off the round platform. The first robot to touch the area outside the ringed platform lost.

  • Photography – the photography competition had a total of 18 enthusiastic participants aiming for one goal: to snap pictures and blend the visual effects with the story that ‘says it all’. The participants were given the privilege to move around the Main Campus and guided to 'feel free' while taking snaps of the different ProBattle events.

  • Web Designing – teams of 2 or 3 students competed in a three-hour round to design a website and complete all three tasks within the time limit. The participants were given a file of pictures for each task from which they would build their website. They could use tools such as Dreamweaver and Photoshop.

  • Poster Designing – teams participated in two rounds i.e. designed two posters, which would be judged on visual appeal, professionalism, logical flow, arrangement, organization, and color schemes.

  • Logo Designing – this competition was about testing creativity, talent and flexibility that could be shown when designing a logo.

  • Mobile Application Development – A total of three groups designed mobile applications for Toyota Indus Motors in competing for thegrand prize announced by them.

  • Software Project Exhibition – this was a fantastic opportunity for students from various universities to display their projects. Long hours and hard work was evidently the vital factor allowing these students to come this far. Projects included a photo editor, a desktop game and a desktop application.

  • Hardware Project exhibition – this portion of the exhibition went beyond our expectations. The projects included a miniature and life-sized robotic arm controlled with a motion sensor, gloves that stick to any surface and an airplane.

  • Counter Strike – shooting guns, headshots and loading armours brought a tinge of amazement and excitement to the overwhelmingly excited crowd as they saw their team mates compete for the this competition.

  • FIFA – with about 40 registrations, IBA ProBattle reached a new record for the largest number of participants for a FIFA competition. It gave students the opportunity to compete on a new level.

  • Need for Speed – 8 teams were briefed about the rules and regulations for the game, likewise they were divided into two groups, Group A and Group B. The finalists from these rounds competed for the championships.

  • Innovative Business Idea - The idea competition is solely created to link the technology lovers with the ideas who can convert skill into money. Short-listed candidates presented their ideas in front of highly respected and renowned jury.

After 3 months of planning, the CS Society successfully carried out the event. A new idea that was introduced in this event was the "IBA Probattle University Trophy" which was to be awarded to the university winning the maximum number of competitions. It was a close tie between IBA and Karachi University. On the opinion of Dr. Sayeed Ghani, Associate Dean of FCS IBA, it was decided that IBA being the host team should not take the award and hence IBA was proud to present the trophy to Karachi University.