IBA ProBattle 2016

IBA ProBattle is a platform for the young minds of our society to compete in unique and creative ways. It ensures an outburst of creativity and innovation. ProBattle is about individuals from all walks of life and different backgrounds competing against one another in numerous competitions. This mega-event aims to engage participants at not only an individual level, but also at institutional levels, where representatives from various schools, colleges, or universities, battle it out for the ProBattle Trophy. The journey of ProBattle started three years ago, in 2013 with its first edition and a mere 100 registrations, and its success is still a watermark to the efforts led by the team members as well the enthusiastic participants. With new competitions added every year, ProBattle keeps expanding its domain, giving everyone a chance to be a part of its campaign.

ProBattle 2016, with a total participant count of 800 and above students, was in full swing with competitions taking place everywhere in IBA Main Campus during the third weekend of April. Sponsored by HBL, Kalsoft, GfK, and Studio Binary, this competition thrived upon excitement and high stakes. We are glad to report that we saw all kinds of candidates this year, those who were hungry for the win, those who were in it for the competition and those who approached ProBattle with levity. The participants' demographics, dominated by the universities of FAST-NU, UBIT and Sir Syed Institute of Technology, also included students from around Pakistan such as Hyderabad, Lahore and Multan.

The event consisted of a number of challenges and activities that encouraged the participants to think out of the box and thus prepared students for the industry where skill, speed and efficiency of an engineer cannot stand firmly without the sound knowledge of ideas, innovation and revolutionary products. New competitions introduced this year included Network Design, Data Analytics and Pseudocode – each of which performed substantially with an astounding number of contestants. The three day event came to a close with the reigning champions for the past two years, UBIT, once again claiming the ProBattle Trophy due to their highest number of wins and thus, completing a hat-trick. ProBattle, lying in the midst of IBA eventful life is a perfect blend of Computer Science, Engineering, Arts and Business amalgamated at one point at a time as desired by today’s industry.