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Karachi Koalas Ranked 5th in the 2013 World RoboCup Competition Held in Netherlands

Karachi Koalas, the joint Robo Cup Soccer team of Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi (IBA) and University of Technology, Sydeny (UTS) was ranked 5th in the 2013 World RoboCup competition that was held in Eindhoven, Netherland between June 24 – July 1, 2013. 

RoboCup Soccer is amongst the most challenging yet exciting competitions within the field of Computer Science. The aim of the RoboCup Soccer is to build a team of robots that can defeat FIFA World Champion Humans team by 2050. To achieve this goal, the tournament organizers have created multiple competition leagues – including small robots, large robots, humanoid robots and simulation robots – with plans to merge their techniques into a single squad as we move towards the year 2050. This year, the competition was attended by around 500 teams/universities from 40+ countries.  

Karachi Koalas participated in Soccer Simulation 3D League which was attended by 18 universities/teams from 12 countries including USA, UK, France, Germany, China, Japan, Russia, Iran, Portugal, Brazil, Australia and Pakistan. We gave impressive performance throughout the competition and ended up at the 5th place in the tournament. The achievement shows a continuous improvement in our performance as we reached the top 16 group in 2011, top 10 group in 2012 and now 5th rank in 2013. Our performance at the different stages of the tournament is given below:

Seeding Round: We defeated Fukui University (Japan) 3 - 0, Farzanegan University (Iran) 5 - 0, and played a draw against University of Miami (USA) 0 - 0. Miami was runner up of the last year. Due to better goal difference, we topped the group.

First Round: Defeated University of Paris (France) 3 – 0, Sharif University of Technology (Iran) 3 – 0 and played a draw against European Champion University of Aveiro and Porto (Portugal). Due to better goal difference, Portuguese team topped the group

Second Round:  Defeated University of Paris again by 5 - 0 and Heifi University of Technology (China) 2 - 0. Faced first defeat of the tournament against the 2 times defending world champion UT Austin by 0 - 2 but it was a very exciting match.

Third Round (Pre-Quarter Finals): Defeated Tomsk State University (Russia) 3 - 0 and Sharif University (Iran) 4 - 0. Had a draw against the last year bronze medalist University of Herfordshire (UK) and had two losses against European Champion University of Aveiro Porto (Portugal) 0 - 2 and SouthEast University (China) 0 - 3. But we made it to the Quarter Finals of the World RoboCup for the first time in our short history

Quarter Finals: Had a draw against University of Miami (USA) 0 – 0, and lost two very exciting matches against UT Austin (USA) 0 – 1 and SouthEast University (China) 0 – 1.  Even though we did not reach the semi-finals but due to our performance in the round (better goal difference), we were ranked 5th in the tournament.

The tournament was ultimately won by Nanjing University (China) while  UT Austin (USA) stood second. During the competition, we defeated universities from Japan, China, Iran, Brazil, Russia and France and played against teams from UK and USA. Karachi Koalas performance was covered by GeoTV and two reports were aired during the competitions directly from the competition site.

Report 1:

Report 2:

The participation in World RoboCup has been an incredible experience for KarachiKoalas team members and provided them a wonderful opportunity to establish contacts/linkages with some of the best labs around the world. In addition, having the name of Pakistan count in one of the most exciting global competition and building a soft image of Pakistan on international forum was another key objective that was achieved via the participation.