New Nao Robot at IBA Karachi

May 3, 2013: A new Nao Robot has recently arrived at the Artificial Intelligence Lab, IBA. Nao robots are made in France and are the best humanoid robots available in the world. They are also used in the RoboCup Soccer Standard Platform League.

These robots are equipped with an accelerometer, a gyro meter, and four ultrasonic sensors that provide them stability and positioning within space. They feature 25 degrees of freedom which allows them to produce human like walks and movements. In addition, they contain eight force-sensing resistors and two touch sensors.

They also have an onboard Linux-powered multimedia system that includes four microphones (for voice recognition and sound localization), two speakers and two HD cameras for computer vision including facial and shape recognition.

The newly arrived robot has been obtained via a research grant provided by the Third World Academy of Science (TWAS), Italy. The AI Lab now hosts 2 state-of-the-art Nao robots. The first one was provided by University of Technology, Sydney as a gift to the Artificial Intelligence Lab.

These robots will be an immense help to our research students in advancing the field of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Robotics, especially they will provide a test bed to evaluate new algorithms in the field of machine learning, computer vision, imitation-based learning, computational intelligence and reinforcement learning.