Connexions 2013

IBA FCS is proud to add another page to its illustrious history, "Connexions 2013". To say that the event lived up the reputation gained over the past three years is an understatement. Judges and participants alike were rendered awe-struck at the level of intricacy and skill with which the final year projects had been wrought out.

Seven teams from IBA presented their projects to various industrialists and academicians who had been invited to serve as judges. The judges spent three hours in discussions with the team members, advising them on taking the next step with regards to their projects. Each team was judged on a score from 1-10 and the results are to be announced on the 30th of May.

The perfect icing on the cake were the speaker sessions which saw the likes of Mr. Faizan Leghari, Mr. Rehan Allahwala, Mr. Zahid Hussain and Dr Abdul Basit. These sessions provided abstract yet essential information to our young students on "evolving the mindset" and "what to do after university". With an informative and quick panel discussion the fourth Connexions drew to a close with yet another superb organizing effort brought forth by the combined efforts of Web and Infosys Societies of IBA.