ACM Student Chapter

The Faculty of Computer Sciences at IBA is proud to announce a further expansion of its horizons! The Institute of Business Administration now proudly hosts the IBA ACM Student Chapter, ACM’s 15th student chapter in Pakistan.

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), is the world’s largest educational, computing and scientific society. The main aim of ACM is to promote computing as a science and profession. ACM has more than 200 student chapters operating in the world and the count is still increasing! This means that Computer Science students at IBA have access to a diverse and learned network of 100,000+ dedicated student and professional peers from various countries.

Members of ACM’s IBA student chapter also get access to the computing field’s premier digital library, which includes over 2 million pages of text. This is more than sufficient to quench just about anybody’s thirst for knowledge! Members also benefit from ACM’s publications which include "Communications of ACM”, “XRDS: Crossroads” student magazine, “Student Quick Takes” etc.

IBA’s promise of a guaranteed shining career to each one of its students is now further strengthened by IBA ACM Student Chapter! With its career and job centers, ACM helps students to first select and then prepare themselves for their preferred careers.

Given all this, the establishment of the IBA ACM Student Chapter will definitely prove itself to be a highlight on one’s resume!
IBA ACM ─ Advancing Computing as a Science and a Profession!